The method behind the business

Votes are gathered year-round via a number of digital channels, then assessed utilising a transparent and dynamic framework to ensure that the award evaluation process is objective and valid. Our unique model triangulates quantitative and qualitive research methods gathered by our research team and measures each business against specific evaluation criteria for each of the award programs. The criteria and sub-criteria provide a robust set of requirements that are used as the methodology for benchmarking and learning among the participating businesses

Digital Channels

With a global PR Network, a vast social media reach and a dash of SEO expertise, not to mention GBI tv which receives thousands of views, we can reach millions of people in a targeted fashion to ensure we are able to gather vital and current information, as well as receive important feedback from our industry partners.

Our Methodology

Ensuring that the award evaluation process is neutral and valid, is a key priority and as a consequence votes are gathered year-round via a number of digital channels and then evaluated employing a transparent and dynamic framework. For each of the awards programs we utilise quantitative and qualitative studies which have been conducted by our experienced research teams and by measuring each business against a precise set of appraisal criteria, we have created a unique model which assures the validity of our results. The criteria and sub-criteria offer a robust set of requirements that are then used as the methodology to not only benchmark but also create a depth of understanding amidst the participating businesses, ultimately allowing us to ensure that we capture different dimensions of the same phenomenon.